VII Corps

VII Corps participated in five campaigns during World War II. The assault and landing at Utah Beach, Normandy, 6 June 1944, spearheaded the American landings on the Normandy beaches. The four other subsequent campaigns were Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace and Central Europe.

Allied Chain of Command and Order of Battle

Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower

21st Army Group Gen. Sir Bernard L. Montgomery

First Army  Lt. Gen. Omar N. Bradley

VII Corps  Maj. Gen. J. Lawton Collins


4th Infantry Division Maj.Gen. Raymond O. Barton
  8th Infantry Col. James A. Van Fleet
  12th Infantry Col. Rusell P. Reeder ,(11 June) Lt. Col. Hervey Tribolet
  22d Infantry Col. Hervey A. Tribolet,
(26 June) Col. Robert T. Foster
9th Infantry Division  Maj.Gen. Manton S. Eddy
  39th Infantry Col. Harry A. Flint
  47th Infantry Col. George W. Smythe
  60th Infantry Col. Frederick J. de Rohan
79th Infantry Division Maj.Gen. Ira T. Wyche
  313th Infantry Col. Sterling A. Wood
  314th Infantry Col. Warren A. Robinson
  315th Infantry Col. Porter P. Wiggins
(24 June) Col. Bernard B. McMahon
82d Airborne Division Maj.Gen. Matthew B. Ridgeway
  505th Parachute Infantry Col. William E. Ekman
  507 Parachute Infantry Col. George V. Millett, Jr.
(15 June) Col. E.D. Raff
  508th Parachute Infantry Col. Roy E. Lindquist
  325th Glider Infantry Col. Harry L. Lewis
90th Infantry Division Brig.Gen. Jay MacKelvie
  357th Infantry Col. Philip D. Ginder
(13 June) Col. John W. Sheehy
(15 June) Lt. Col. Charles M. Schwab
(17 June) Col. George B. Barth
  358th Infantry Col. James V. Thompson
(16 June) Col. Richard C. Partridge
  359th Infantry Col. Clark K. Fales
101st Airborne Division Maj.Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor
  501st Parachute Infantry Col. Howard R. Johnson
  502d Parachute Infantry Col. George V. H. Moseley, Jr. (WIA 6 June),
(6 June) Lt. Col. John H. Michaelis
  506th Parachute Infantry Col. Robert F. Sink
  327th Glider Infantry Col. George S. Wear
(10 June) Col. Joseph H. Harper
4th Cavalry Group (Mech) Col. Joseph M. Tully
  4th Cavalry Squadron Lt. Col. E. C. Dunn
  24th Cavalry Squadron Lt. Col. F. H. Gaston, Jr.
6th Armored Group Col. Francis F. Fainter
  70th Tank Battalion Lt. Col. John C. Welborn
  746th Tank Battalion Lt. Col. C. G. Hupfer

Its first entry into Europe took place on D Day in 1944, as one of the two assault corps for US First Army during Operation Overlord. Subsequently, the unit participated in many battles during the advance across France and Germany until the surrender of the Third Reich.

Battle Casualties Sustained by VII Corps, 6 June-1 July 1944

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Captured  Total
4th Inf Division 844 3,814 788 6 5,452
9th Inf Division 301 2,061 76 0 5,438
79th Inf Division 240 1,896: 240 0 2,438
90th Inf Division 386 1,979 34 0 2,376
82d A/B Div 457 1,440 2,571 12 4,480
101st A/B Div 546 2,217 1,907 0 4,480
Corps Troops 37 157 49 61 304
All Units 2,811 13,564 5,665 79 22,119

VII Corps from pre-invasion to VE Day

Chapter 1 Pre-Invasion
Chapter 2 The Landing
Chapter 3 South out of Normandy
Chapter 4 Across France
Chapter 5 Into Germany
Chapter 6 Slow and Steady
Chapter 7 Battle of the Bulge
Chapter 8 Rhineland reoccupied
Chapter 9 The "Rose Pocket"
Chapter 10 The End